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"Hello, Anyone There?"

Well if you ever want to see a miracle then watch an egg hatching.  To think that this little bird grows inside the egg with only heat and humidity provided, and then manages to tap all the way around the top of the egg and then get out all on its own!   And we're supposed to be the superior species, I'll leave you to your own thoughts on this.  Hope you like these pictures which were very kindly provided by Joe Rodd of Lyndhurst, Southampton.  Joe had an art project at Brockenhurst College to carry out and asked if he could watch a duckling being born.  We sent him and his mum off home with a small incubator and some pippins (a pippin is when the duckling makes its first dent in the egg) to watch them hatch and to take photos.  I think you will agree the photographs are fabulous - thank you very much Joe for letting us use them on the website.