Welcome to Warrawee Duck Farm - Home of Stumpy!

One Year Old

Who would've thought it - one year on and we're still very lucky to have him.  When I look back at all the negative responses we had to Stumpy's birth and our keeping him alive and how we should've had him put down because it was going to be cruel to keep him alive; well I think the following pictures show quite a different story don't you - do you think he's struggling!!  If you would like to see some more birthday pictures and video dial up www.dailyecho.co.uk and go on to Photographs or watch the video.

Stumpy by name and Stumpy by nature!

29 April 2008 - well Stumpy's last spare leg has finally gone!   Over the last couple of weeks it has been changing colour, turning black, and shrivelling more daily.  We have kept a close eye on it to make sure that it hasn't become infected and this afternoon I noticed as he was jumping from puddle to puddle that the black leg has gone.  The end has sealed over and it looks as though it has gradually sealed itself from the inside and then shucked off.  He is definitely now Stumpy by name and Stumpy by nature!


Oooh that was a bit scary!

Well he certainly likes to live dangerously!   Samantha was walking down to the barn to close the feeders off one afternoon and saw the fox down the bottom of the farm so went back to the yard to get her terrier Crystal in order to chase it off.  As she was walking back down to the barn the fox had headed out into the field where Stumpy and all his girls were.  The next minute the fox made a mad dash for the group and grabbed Stumpy and ran for the fenceline.  Crystal then dashed across the field yapping at his heels and fortunately the fox hit the boundary fence and dropped poor Stump before getting under the fence.  There was blood all over Sam who was clutching poor Stumpy who couldn't stand and was in severe shock.  It was pretty touch and go overnight but we wrapped him up in towels and buried him in the cushions on the sofa where he stayed until the following morning.  He eventually was able to stand and so I put him back outside with the girls as they were worrying where he was and were obviously just a little lost without him.  They all stayed around the house for quite a few days as poor Stumpy could only walk about 6 steps and then had to "park" himself down for a rest.  He has a nice hole in his back but he has pulled through although feeling very sorry for himself.  The ducks obviously remember their odeal as now 2 months later they still don't go out into the field and just stay in the yard and around the house so perhaps it was a lesson was learnt.

"Feeling a little worse for wear after the ordeal"

"A bath the following morning once he could stand to try and make him feel better and to investigate a bit more the damage that had been done"

"Back out to find the girls but a little fragile"